May 28 Winner Announced!! Congratulations: BEN

The following very long sentence, using the term “cheeky,” had a lot to say, using a lot of words. Well done, sir.

“A clown,” he moved his hands in a circle and into triangles, trying hard to shape a circus tent into my head, “saved me from this life I have lived,” he gasped and continued, “Cheeky was his name, so sad, yet so happy and content with the chains we made him wear,” a breath of air, much like a snorkel diver down for too long, “but, how could he be so happy,” he motioned me close to his face and whispered, “this made me see that we could be so foolish not to tell you that I, me, murdered her…we…me and I,” again a pause and a motion of hands, “but forget this, because soon, we will all be clowns and jesters in God’s court.”

This weeks word and sentence-to-beat will be posted shortly. Stay tuned.


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