Writing Contest #6

WRITING CONTEST: Every Monday a new, interesting vocabulary word will be posted here, as well as a sentence using that word.

Your job is to create and post a new, better sentence in the comment box, using the same word. Yes, you may change the form of the word. Yes, I’ll be the judge. Yes, I am a subjective judge  ( I like clever or funny, I hate bigotry).

The winning sentence will be announced here the following Monday.

THIS WEEK’S WORD:    ~ bubble ~

SENTENCE TO BEAT:               My lungs compressed, I watched the bubbles stream up, past my car window, wishing like hell I could steal their tiny dabs of oxygen.


5 responses to “Writing Contest #6

  1. Anonymous Kim

    As she pushed around the mounds of foam in her frothy bath, she reflected how her life was like a bubble; beautiful and shiny from the outside but impossible to escape.

  2. The last bubble left, strenuously held in through my breath; the mind is saying quit, the heart still beats, the lungs utter my defeat.

  3. Don’t stop until I pop like a bubble, baby.

  4. “Mom, I have a bubble in my bottom,” the little boy yelled as he streaked by, hopefully headed to the toilet, she thought.

  5. He had ridden through his youth in an iridescent bubble of self importance and naïveté, only to to have it burst into a million sticky, vaporous pieces in the buffeting hurricane of adult life.