DEADLINE: November 5th

SENTENCE WRITING CONTEST: Every Monday a new, interesting vocabulary word will be posted here, as well as a sentence using that word.

Your job is to create and post a new, better sentence in the comment box, using the same word. Yes, you may change the form of the word. Yes, I’ll be the judge. Yes, I am a subjective judge  ( I like clever or funny, I hate bigotry).

The winning sentence will be announced here the following Monday.


SENTENCE TO BEAT:     I hoisted the butcher knife and approached silently on stocking feet, ready to carve the hell out of that ghoul, when the boy bum-rushed me, screaming, “No! That’s my pumpkin! You said I could do it!”




12 responses to “WRITING CONTEST #18

  1. He was Dressed like No Monster ever seen Red Eyes… Drunk, staggering thru the Halloween Party like a fool when He knocked a witch to the Floor, She slowly Got up, looked Him deep in the Eyes and Said Your Nothing But a Drunkin Ghoul!

  2. “Please, Doc,” the excited new parents shouted, “tell us if it’s a boo or ghoul!”

  3. Guarding this town from ghouls, I find myself with too much bad coffee on an empty stomach…my gut is throwing a revolt…coupe de cafe…an unopened bag of cheap donuts lies on my passenger seat, diabolically planning the end of my struggles, much like the dead and rotten flesh pacing outside of my car…death by donuts or the walking dead…I’ll choose donuts with a powdered sugar mustache any day…why didn’t I choose an apple fritter as my last meal?

  4. “Go hungry, or use limbs,” said Grant, hacking off Uriah’s leg and giving Helen one ugly look, a ghoulish helping of utter lechery.

  5. “Nay child, not haunted by mere ghoul nor dark spirit, but by countless times past when I’ve chosen to say no.”

  6. Some people enjoy the latest vampire fare, but I believe Bela Lugosi’s Hungarian Ghoulish has much better taste.

  7. As she hoisted the Louisville Slugger to her shoulder, Rhonda judiciously eyed the jawless ghoul shambling toward her– like a chef eyes a cut of meat at the market– and, raising the bat, she heard her father’s voice in her head, as she always did: “Just pick your spot, lock on, and swing, baby.”

  8. “To have my name boldly printed beneath one, of the bounty of titles I have tirelessly created is my ghoul,” thought the ghostwriter releasing the grip on his pen as he paused to ponder the notoriety inevitably attached to successfully-published authors.

  9. Patrick Nelson

    In all my 17,642 days of life, I can tell you I never once thought that perhaps I just might be a zombie or some other type of ghoul, but when she strutted into my office, wearing that amazing red dress, I could have eaten her alive right there and then.

  10. Sinotte Jenkins

    The ghoul dug up Pavlov and began to drool.

  11. The girl watched the ghoul enter the physics lab, and, when he sat down next to her, she leaned over and kissed him.

  12. I curse this courtroom which has adjudged me a ghoul, for I swear the child still breathed as I sank my teeth into her throat!!