WINNER! November 5th

Writing Contest #18 blew up the internet! Well, my internet. At my house. On my computer. Twelve bright and shining souls forayed into my dingy, drafty corner of the attic, leaving me with twelve sentences to ponder and squirm over. Hmmmmm. Just . . . hmmmmmm. Damn. Hard decision this week. Thank you to everyone for sharing your creations.

The WINNER of Writing Contest #18, using the word “ghoul” in a sentence is :

Sinotte Jenkins | November 1, 2012 at 10:25 pm 

The ghoul dug up Pavlov and began to drool.

This brought me back to my very first college class, years ago, the 8 a.m. psychology lecture. Loved it.


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  1. That rings a bell.