SENTENCE WRITING CONTEST: Every Monday a new, interesting vocabulary word will be posted here, as well as a sentence using that word.

Your job is to create and post a new, better sentence in the comment box, using the same word. Yes, you may change the form of the word. Yes, I’ll be the judge. Yes, I am a subjective judge  ( I like clever or funny, I hate bigotry).

The winning sentence will be announced here the following Monday.


SENTENCE TO BEAT:     “And then when he said, ‘what position are you seeking?’ well, I just couldn’t help myself; I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting a call back.”


4 responses to “WRITING CONTEST #20

  1. Looking for an invigorating, aquatic endeavor? Seekayaking.

  2. The quixotic rush of celebrity, sought by eminent clods, ultimately fades into an abyss of delusion, rejection, and friendlessness that will strip away the illumination that once held life spellbound.

  3. The Bible says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and it shall be added unto you,” but in this world people are all about “seek to make my own kingdom so I can add up more stuff, forget about about everybody else,” she thought bitterly, the winter wind whipping through a threadbare coat that had seen better days 10 years ago with holes in the pockets so big the pink slip sought to fall out of the pocket, through the slit lining, to the chilly cement below. “Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do,” she sighed.

  4. Words of my parallel identity, T.S. Bellyup: “Seek truth, be sought; seek drink, besotted.”