WINNER! December 10th

Well, since I’m a horrible person, clearly disrespectful of other’s work, I’ll try to make up for my lack of with-it-ness by posting two winners from the December 10th sentence writing contest. The word was “gush”.  And the big winners are Jeff and Momo!!

Elmer was a gush of optimistic human insecurity; not sure he deserved to be here, but happy about it nonetheless. — Momo

“You know, in all my years on this planet – and believe me, my boy, that’s a lot more years than you might think – I have never before met a man so emotionally stunted, so completely unaware of how clueless he is when it comes to the proper way to interact in a polite society, nor one so inept with women that he thinks that insinuating that I would want to have sex with a complete stranger is any way to make that fallacy a reality, let alone make me find him attractive in any way,” she gushed, her hand still stinging from the slap she planted on the side of his face after he approached her with the line, “Nice legs… what time do they open?” — Jeff




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