WRITING CONTEST #26: use the word “lover” in a sentence

DEADLINE:    February 4th (coming up on Valentine’s Day!)

SENTENCE WRITING CONTEST: Every Monday a new, interesting vocabulary word will be posted here, as well as a sentence using that word.

Your job is to create and post a new, better sentence in the comment box, using the same word. Yes, you may change the form of the word. Yes, I’ll be the judge. Yes, I am a subjective judge  ( I like clever or funny, I hate bigotry).

The winning sentence will be announced here the following Monday.


Need a simple definition reminder?  Wait . . . really? With the word “lover?” That’s sad. You’re sad. You should write about it . . . 

SENTENCE TO BEAT:    He buried his lips in his lover’s hair, light and smell and surges of energy arcing between them, over them, in them.


5 responses to “WRITING CONTEST #26: use the word “lover” in a sentence

  1. The lovers left , love lost in an instant, it was over since the beginning, we just didn’t know it.

  2. Lissette Erickson

    She walked into her favorite bar for a nightcap and to sooth away the pain from her newly broken heart, she was about to take a seat when she heard the familiar voice of her ex-lover.

  3. Gina couldn’t help but feel bitter at the prospect of her lover replacing her with an annoyingly vapid girl who looked much like she did twenty years ago.

  4. “Can I let this happen,” I thought, the possibility of a lover next to me, inches of air and miles of common sense between us.

  5. Finally and actually sitting across from her obsession, the ghosts of rejection tittering, she could not lift her eyes to his when she said, “I could be your lover, though I would be your slave.”