WINNER! February 11th

Congratulations Heidi!!! Heidi is the winner of last week’s word contest. I have to admit it was hard to pick a favorite on this round. “Moonstruck” inspired some strong imagery. However, Heidi brought to mind my early childhood obsessive-love of mermaids and dolphins (which she may have known, thus giving herself an unfair advantage 🙂 ).

Heidi | February 6, 2013 at 9:54 am |

The two mermaids glistened in the light of the full moon as they did a lazy backstroke beneath it’s beams, flirting with the pod of dolphins that broke the surface around them in the blue water, so moonstruck they did not see the ominous shadow below them….


One response to “WINNER! February 11th

  1. I admit to using the memories against you, but in my defense, the sentence was actually spurred by one too many epidoses of “H2O” with Natt. 🙂