WRITING CONTEST #39: use the word “laundromat” in a sentence

DEADLINE:    June 3rd

SENTENCE WRITING CONTEST: Every Monday a new, interesting vocabulary word will be posted here, as well as a sentence using that word.

Your job is to create and post a new, better sentence in the comment box, using the same word. Yes, you may change the form of the word. Yes, I’ll be the judge. Yes, I am a subjective judge  ( I like clever or funny, I hate bigotry).

The winning sentence will be announced here the following Monday.

THIS WEEK’S WORD: ~ laundromat ~  

Noun. An establishment with coin-operated washing machines and dryers for public use. Synonyms. Self-service laundry – laundrette – laundry

SENTENCE TO BEAT:  I stiffened as the family van rolled up to the laundromat, knowing the quiet hum of the dryers and the thud-thud-thud of the off-centered washing machines were about to become background noise for a squad of mouth breathers. 

28 responses to “WRITING CONTEST #39: use the word “laundromat” in a sentence

  1. As he sat alone in the laundromat, he felt like a useless single sock without partner or purpose.

  2. She closed the book, placed it on the table, and, finally, got off her ass to go to the damn laundromat.

  3. Lying around under Noelle’s desk, Roger ordered Mary a turkey sandwich.

  4. The biggest downfall of living out of a tent an two pick-ups in the county park was having to spend ridiculous amounts of money at the laundromat.

  5. martinilover

    “I’m not sure why it’s always me pullin’ yer’ kid ouuta’ the dryer at the fricken laundromat,” I grumped at the back of her head, greasy hair shining in the sun.

  6. How ’bout it– you, me, a little downy time at the laundromat?

  7. Left on her own, she clothed herself by pilfering the dryers at Spinner’s Laundromat.

  8. Considering what I did for a living, I should look into buying a chain of laundromats that specialize in blood stain removal.

  9. And it was in that twentieth year of their marriage, their oldest off to college and youngest about to graduate high school, that Jennifer came upon the secret closet where Tyrone had kept his souvenirs, the jewelry and bits of clothing and, most horribly, the body parts, that was indisputable proof that he was the city’s long-feared terrorizer of the populace: The Laundromat Killer.

  10. Thirty years later, Daniel drove by and discovered that the shop had become a laundromat, but he still remembered that day as a 16-year-old when he had walked through those doors into the old pet shop and came face to face with the biggest, dirtiest rat he had ever seen, inside a cage or out, a rat fully as big as a Jack Russell terrier, and ever since, had believed in monsters.

  11. blueridgebluecollargirl

    “I should have known better than to look for love at the Laundromat,” said Layla, leaving the luckless loser Larry behind, like so much dryer lint.

  12. Michael Rigg

    It was meant to house a family of four or five, but today it was home to a father, mother, five children, one grandmother, and an aunt, all refugees from sectarian violence in a country far across the sea, joyful to be crowded together alive, in a small apartment above a Laundromat, rather than buried together in a mass grave in a country far across the sea.

  13. What we Americans living at the Hilton Tokyo called a “laundromat”, its sign identified as a “washateria”, and the old fellow in the T-shirt apparently considered “home”.

  14. Perhaps life will be better in some city other than this, this giant laundromat, where side by side we remain, our souls visible through the heated glass, drowning and burning, tumbling and waiting.

  15. You are beholden to me, subjected to my whims and vagaries, my choice of cheap detergent or over-use of clothing-wrecking fabric softener, my wrinkle-inducing folds or crisp ironing: I am the Queen of the Laundromat.

  16. I had an ironing board once; it sat on my laundromat.

  17. I will find you in the laundromat again someday, between the washing and the drying, the folding and unfolding, between the lost socks and the flaming piles of lint.

  18. shakyground

    This Laundromat would be perfect for her OCD (“Compulsive Disorder Obsessive,” when properly alphabetized): as plain old Laundromat, right between Karmachanic Yoga and the Metro Market, Ellen could wait calmly, all day if she had to, for four washers and driers in a row.

  19. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Gaston realized he’d violated the Laundromat Principle: you don’t try to speak to strangers who are absorbed in a task of reluctant necessity.

  20. Sinotte Jenkins

    My laundromat was bored so I made it some scrambled eggs.

  21. Kathryn El-Assal

    As a newly arrived immigrant, she appreciated her neighbor’s advice: “I use the lawn-drum-at ‘Three Sheets to the Wind’.”

  22. The nearest laundromat Angie found was sweltering and played accordion-laden Mexican music through tinny speakers, following each song with a rooster crowing.

  23. Newbalicious

    We watched in amazement as the clade Dinosauria was washed from the Earth in fire and the tumbling embers folded neatly into the Cenozoic era at grand reopening of the Laundromat of Time.

  24. “To wit,” he continued, attempting to borrow an authority from his awkward and archaic diction that would otherwise be, for him, unachievable, “Aimee leaving you at the altar is downright joyful in comparison to my being dumped at the Laundromat by Erin where my grief is permanently tied to the smell of Tide, bleach, and downy and the sound of crying children and white noise – any of which may still to this day send me reeling in recurring, soul-destroying, agony – because all you need do is avoid church.”

  25. CLINK CLINK CLINK “Do you like apples?” CLINK… “Yeah…” CLINK CLINK “Well I got her number!” CLINK CLINK CLINK “How do you like them apples??”… CLINK –Laundry Matt Damon

  26. “You get your butt down to Sears and buy her a washer and dryer mister I won’t let you make your new wife have the local laundrymat as her only source of social time while you’re out of town!”

  27. Her mama thought she was going to the Laundromat for boy watching but she was going for peace — something about the thump of the washer, the whir of the dryer, the hum of the people filled her with a strong and steady calm that lasted her all the way to the next visit.

  28. Newbalicious

    (Repost… dropped a conjunction on my toe)

    We watched in amazement as the clade Dinosauria was washed from the Earth in fire and the tumbling embers folded neatly into the Cenozoic era at the grand reopening of the Laundromat of Time.