Winner!! June 10th

Well, you know, sometimes I like the funny, sometimes I like the quirky, but sometimes I like the downright devastatingly sad. It didn’t help that the word “locker” seemed to bring out the scary/maudlin/oppressed voice in everyone on this round. But I’m gonna have to give it to this guy, he actually made me cry.

Congratulations Michael Rigg! You’re sentence begs me to read more of Dr. Gray’s story, though only after some Wellbutrin and a martini.

Here’s last week’s winning sentence –

Regardless how many autopsies he had performed or how hardened he had become after twenty-five years as Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Gray always cried, often uncontrollably, as the metal door of the cold-storage locker closed after receiving the remains of a battered child, unloved in life and unclaimed in death.


2 responses to “Winner!! June 10th

  1. Michael Rigg

    I speak internet as a second language, so I’m not sure how to reply without making it look like I’m filing a new entry…. Many thanks for the kind words and apologies for making your cry. Mike

    P.S. Maybe you can delete this or move it off the contest page once you receive it. MDR

  2. No need to move this comment . . . I like it that you replied! Thanks for playing, you crafted a slice of life in that one sentence that was totally arresting. I hope you keep entering sentences. H