WINNER Writing Contest #43: Heidi

Congratulations HEIDI ! Your sentence provides a story (which I love) and it completely matches my mood for the morning. I’m either going to need another cup of coffee or your shovel.

Here is Heidi’s #43 winning sentence:

He shoved her into the ground so hard she felt like the hole her body created was for a rebirth, especially when she stood up clenching a shovel and smacked him senseless; a new feeling -freedom- filled her as she walked away.

[Writing Contest #44 is now open]


2 responses to “WINNER Writing Contest #43: Heidi

  1. Congratulations to Heidi (and I hope Holly opted for the coffee . . . )

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    “You know, they ask me if I were on a desert island and knew nobody would ever see what I wrote, would I go on writing. My answer is most emphatically yes. I would go on writing for company. Because I’m creating an imaginary–it’s always imaginary–world in which I would like to live.” William S. Burroughs

  2. I’m not sure where the sentence came from, but glad to give you a muse for the day. Praying you got some coffee, Holly!!