WRITING CONTEST #44: Use the word “BEGUILE” in a sentence

DEADLINE:    March 24

SENTENCE WRITING CONTEST: Every Monday a new, interesting vocabulary word will be posted here, as well as a sentence using that word.

Your job is to create and post a new, better sentence in the comment box below, using the same word. Yes, you may change the form of the word. Yes, I’ll be the judge. Yes, I am a subjective judge  ( I like clever or funny, I hate bigotry).

The winning sentence will be announced here the following Monday


 SENTENCE TO BEAT:  My bed is constantly beguiling me, coddling and whispering and warming while masking the cold, cold world. 

2 responses to “WRITING CONTEST #44: Use the word “BEGUILE” in a sentence

  1. “Your toothy smile…never fails to beguile,” sang the gravelly EELS voice as the credits for “Enough Said” rolled on the screen.

  2. Soft waves of raven hair a siren song, starlit crystal blue eyes beguiled and beckoned in the night, yet it was her scarlet lips that sent him crashing against her, sealing his fate.