The Novel

Smart Mouth: A Novel

by Holly Lorincz

Excerpts of chapters 1 and 18 available through these links:


Would you relive your high school days? Then there’s something wrong with you. At least according to Addison Taylor. As a new high school teacher, the twenty-three year old is unsure she’s going to survive her second helping of hell. 

Addy endures fear of conflict and drama with cold coffee and internal witticisms. She silently contends with a jealous boyfriend, a pretty teen with a bloody secret, a condescending boss, belligerent students, and a rag-tag team of debaters. Will the quirky young woman fail? Like all of us, she must find the courage to open her smart mouth, let her voice fly. But if she doesn’t … well, it’s not only Addy who will suffer. So will the kids.

SMART MOUTH, the spunky tale of an accidental heroine, is a cross between Glee and Lean on Me. 

SMART MOUTH (84,000 words) is a dramatic comedy in the genre of women’s literature. The coming-of-age story, set in the rural Pacific Northwest, depicts Addy struggling with her rag-tag speech team, trying to teach David to stand up to Goliath, while learning what it means to be an adult with a backbone.



2 responses to “The Novel

  1. Great pitch at the WWC…cheers! R.E.

  2. Thank you!! I was hugely impressed with YOUR pitch. Did anyone bite?

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